NuCO2 Culture

We are a high performance team committed to each other and our shared values.

Our Shared values:

▪ We are committed to safety

▪ We are sincere and accountable servant leaders

▪ We believe in providing excellent service as an outward expression of our values

▪ Our character makes us extraordinary and determines our fate

▪ We take pride in our attitude and work ethic


Our Culture Champions

Jan 2022

▪ Sheamika Salas

▪ Diana McGehee

▪ Richard Velazquez

▪ Ignacio Buenabad

▪ Thomas Williamson

Dec 2021

▪ Billie Ellis

▪ Katie Daniel

▪ Ravi Bisram

▪ Larry Teasdale

▪ Crinthia Runyon

▪ Ileana Henderson

Nov 2021

▪ Nancy Yeager

▪ Khalif Richardson

▪ Tom Daly

▪ Corey Dean

▪ David Cohen

▪ Johnny Thiroux

Oct 2021

▪ Bay Daniel

▪ Vivien Vos

▪ Zachary Cowen

▪ Ron Johnson

▪ MaryJo Ahlum

▪ Kendal Sankar

Sept 2021

▪ Robert Simpson

▪ Ileana Henderson

▪ Sarai Ortiz

▪ Brian Lambert

▪ Mike Scott

▪ Jason Greene

August 2021

▪ Katie Daniel

▪ Scott Simms

▪ Peter Wray

▪ Ricky Colon

▪ Sara Duff

▪ Andres Antigua

July 2021

▪ Dan Specht

▪ Sarai Ortiz

▪ Rick Lobley

▪ Sean Naylor

▪ Mark Augustline

▪ Daniel Frank

June 2021

▪ Simon Sahni

▪ Joe Miller

▪ Ashley Green

▪ Edgar Espinosa

▪ Daniel Frank

▪ Brian Hale

May 2021

▪ Robert Murray

▪ Rick Bivens

▪ Kyle Brown

▪ Mike Scott

▪ Cody Broussard

▪ Jason Greene

April 2021

▪ Jan Gooley

▪ Byron Strong

▪ Kathryn Cowen

▪ Mike Scott

▪ William Chason

▪ Guy Hopkins

March 2021

▪ Joan Pieniazek

▪ Angel Sanchez

▪ Sean Naylor

▪ Randall Walls

▪ James Reed

▪ Lindsey Concannon

February 2021

▪ Logan Murphy

▪ Randy Rodriguez

▪ Todd Norman

▪ Anthony Montes

▪ Scott Harris

▪ Robert White

Team Member 20th Anniversary

Community Outreach

St Lucie Habitat for Humanity Women Build 2021


Habitat for Humanity helps build communities one home at a time, and when they recently put out a call for assistance in St. Lucie County, Florida, NuCO2 answered. With support from Linde’s Global Giving Program, our NuCO2 team recently volunteered in the St. Lucie Habitat for Humanity 2021 Women Build.

NuCO2 President Susan Stevenson, VP of Operations Derek Burton and his wife Jessica, and Sales & Marketing Manager Lindsey Concannon were thrilled to get to work to support new homeowners in joining the community.

Since 1991, Women Build has featured a week-long event intended to highlight the homeownership challenges faced by women. This year, 10 teams of Women Build participants were asked to raise funds to support the construction of a Habitat home for a future homeowner and her two boys.

“NuCO2’s team jumped at the invitation to give back to our community by working on a Habitat for Humanity home,” Susan said. “The Women Build initiative offers women the opportunity to learn how to build and finish a house. I enjoyed meeting some of the future homeowners who were contributing their own time and effort with sweat equity. It’s always amazing how much a team can accomplish when we work together. It isn’t every day I get to wear a pink hard hat and participate in such an important initiative!”

Habitat for Humanity transforms communities by acting as a catalyst for neighborhood revitalization through education, innovative development, and community partnerships. We are proud of our NuCO2 employees for giving back in our communities!

Arbor Day Foundation Volunteer Opportunity 2021


On Saturday, Nov. 6, 2021, Keep Port St. Lucie Beautiful will partnered with NuCO2/Linde and the Arbor Day Foundation to plant 100 trees along Tiffany Avenue and conduct a cleanup in the Sandhill Crossing Neighborhood. In addition, 40 volunteers planted 80 live oaks to improve the community's livability, health, and well-being.

KPSLB has received a generous grant award of $15,000 from the Arbor Day Foundation to support the KPSLB Beautification and Cleanup event. KPSLB's mission is to create a meaningful impact for improving communities in Port St. Lucie.

"This is a great opportunity for all of us to work together as community partners to improve our neighborhoods to strengthen civic pride further and enhance the overall quality of living in our city. We thank NuCO2 and the Arbor Day Foundation for the grant award," said Georgette Beck, program supervisor, Keep Port St. Lucie Beautiful.

Beck knows the significant role trees play in our environment and community.

"Besides improving the physical environment and character of our community, tree planting along streets can lower urban temperatures, filter airborne pollutants, and help to reduce littering. Trees also help with safe road design, and they're proven to slow average driving speeds," Beck said. "And for this specific project, the trees planted along newly installed sidewalks will create walk appeal and encourage healthy lifestyles. We as people are happier and less likely to depression when we have a connection to nature."

"At NuCO2, we are committed to improving the communities where we live and work. By collaborating with Arbor Day Foundation and the City of Port St. Lucie, we are helping to enhance the community and give back to the environment. Small acts like planting trees and community cleanup make a big difference, and NuCO2 wants to help," said Susan Stevenson, president, NuCO2. "We are proud to encourage and support local efforts to plant trees. Cities and towns around the globe that line their streets and fill their parks with trees are building healthier, happier communities."

Trees offer vast benefits for the community at large. Thriving urban forests bolster human health, from encouraging physical activity to reducing respiratory illnesses stemming from air pollution. In the United States, park trees alone remove about 75,000 tons ($500 million) of air pollution each year. In addition, urban trees reduce runoff of sediment, pollutants, and organic matter into streams, improving our water quality. Trees have also been shown to reduce crime, lower stress levels, and develop community pride.

Novembeard 2020


NuCO2 was honored to donate to the American Cancer Society and proud of our team for helping raise funds in the month of November to support research and families. John Templin, NuCO2 Vice President of Sales, commented, “Cancer has touched the lives of many of our employees, and an important part of our culture at NuCO2 is our call to service. So, we are proud to honor our employees and to demonstrate our culture by supporting the American Cancer Society in your worthy mission to eradicate Cancer in all of its forms.” Theresa Woodson from The American Cancer Society says, ⠀ “The American Cancer Society is honored to fight Cancer in partnership with NuCo2 and their employees who understand Cancer does not discriminate, and Cancer has not stopped. Together we are taking steps and raising funds to fight Cancer. Thank you, NuCO2, for caring about how Cancer impacts your employees, customers, neighbors, and community. Thank you even more for joining the crusade to crush Cancer through much needed funding for life saving research and access to care initiatives. Cancer may afflict one body at a time, but it impacts entire families and extended families of friends and co-workers.”