Best-in-Class Safety Program

NuCO2’s LogiCO2 Safety Solutions are an integral part of our best-in-class, comprehensive beverage gas system program. However, our commitment to safety extends beyond the top quality equipment we install. Our sales professionals understand proper safety measures and industry best practices. NuCO2's certified technicians complete all installations in accordance with industry standards and local regulatory codes.

Safety is our top priority. NuCO2 is committed to and defined by it. We are providing a best-in-class safety program to help keep your customers, patrons, and establishment safe. Our world-class safety equipment complies with applicable national and international safety standards—we are committed to safety quality. We strive to provide a best-in-class Safety Solutions program – and our customers expect the same.

Compliant with US Regulatory & Safety Codes

• National Board Inspection Code
• National Fire Protection Association 55 Compressed Gases and Cryogenic Fluids Code
• International Fire Code
• Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

Key Benefits of the LogiCO2 System

• Helping to provide safe work environment for your employees and customers
• Detecting leaks quickly - minimizing the possible financial loss of product
• Knowing that your operation is compliant with regulations

Safety Products


The MK9 CO2 Central Unit represents new thinking in monitoring safety solutions. Made so that all LogiCO2 sensors for fixed installation can be connected. Up to twelve sensors can be connected to the MK9 Central Unit, providing a sophisticated and powerful safety system. You can view the Safety Caution Detail here.


The LogiCO2 MK9 Alert System is one of the most advanced gas detection systems in the beverage industry. It is a carbon dioxide (CO2) monitor with integrated sound and light alarm indication, designed to measure CO2 concentration in an enclosed space environment while providing continuous notification of CO2 levels. You can view the Safety Caution Detail here.

MK9 O2 SENSOR newicon

The LogicCO2 MK9 O2 Sensor measures the oxygen (O2) concentration and monitors for oxygen depletion. It activates an alert in the event the O2 concentration reaches the pre-set alarm levels. When installed, the system will continuously monitor the O2 concentration in the room or area where the O2 sensor is located. This is useful in applications such as Beer Coolers where blended nitrogen gas can displace oxygen, which would reduce the percentage of oxygen potentially creating a hazardous environment. You can view the Safety Caution Detail here.


The automatic shut-off valve stops the flow of CO2 from the bulk tank and works with the MK9 CO2 Sensor. If the CO2 Monitoring System detects CO2 concentration higher than the set limit, the flow of CO2 will stop, the valve closes the CO2 flow, mitigating the risk of CO2 overexposure and costly wasted CO2 usage.


The horn/strobe is powered by the CO2 sensor. Horn/Strobe LED is a loud Warning Horn (110 dB/1 m) and High Intensity Strobe (115 cd). NFPA 72 Compliant. You can view the Safety Caution Detail here.