Best-in-Class Safety Program

NuCO2's LogiCO2 Safety Solutions are an integral part of our best-in-class, comprehensive beverage gas system program. However, our commitment to safety extends beyond the top quality equipment we install. Our sales professionals understand proper safety measures and industry best practices. NuCO2's certified technicians complete all installations in accordance with industry standards and local regulatory codes.

Safety is our top priority. NuCO2 is committed to and defined by it. We are providing a best-in-class safety program to help keep your customers, patrons, and establishment safe. Our world-class safety equipment complies with applicable national and international safety standards ─ we are committed to safety quality. We strive to provide a best-in-class Safety Solutions program ─ and our customers expect the same.

Beverage Gas System Inspection

Our comprehensive testing and inspection program has been designed to:

▪ Validate that your carbon dioxide beverage dispensing storage container is operating properly.

▪ Help ensure that your business is in compliance with applicable fire code regulations, and the best practice recommendations of key advisory groups and original equipment manufacturers.

Currently we are inspecting in the following states:

▪ California
▪ Colorado
▪ Florida
▪ Georgia
▪ Illinois

▪ Indiana
▪ Minnesota
▪ Mississippi
▪ New Jersey
▪ New York

▪ North Carolina
▪ Ohio
▪ Oklahoma
▪ Pennsylvania
▪ South Carolina

▪ Tennessee
▪ Texas
▪ Utah
▪ Virginia

Beverage Gas System Overview

Customer Benefits

▪ Employee, patron, and vendor safety

▪ Ongoing regulatory compliance

▪ System optimization

▪ Identify & repair system leaks reducing costs

▪ Beverage quality assurance

Inspection Features

55+ Point Inspection Includes:

▪ System safety

▪ Fill circuit & connections

▪ Bulk CO2 tank

▪ System leak check

▪ Gas detection testing

Stay Compliant

▪ Assures compliance with U.S. national standard, the International Fire Code, for annual gas detection system functional verification

▪ Complete beverage gas system safety check as recommended by the CGA and ISBT

▪ NBIC compliant permitting and inspection assistance where required

To opt-out of the beverage gas system inspection service, please download waiver here.
Email the completed waiver to  BeverageGasInspections@nuco2.com. Our dedicated customer support professionals are here to assist if you have questions regarding your beverage gas system inspection.