Using Just One Type of Beverage Gas Does Not Fit All Situations

NuCO2's XactMix customizable blended gas solutions are relied on for pouring the Perfect Pint of draught beer and reducing costs. Our XactMix beverage control panel is "command central" for our customer's beverage systems - it blends and delivers the precise amount of beverage grade carbon dioxide and draught beer grade nitrogen on site, ensuring each draught beverage tastes exactly the way the Brew Master intended.

NuCO2 customizes your beverage carbonation system based on the temperature, pressure, and beer type to determine the gas blend. High-pressure systems (15 PSI or higher) require a precise blend of gases at the proper gas pressure to achieve perfect carbonation at the tap. Ales and lagers dispensed from a high-pressure, long-draw system utilize a gas blend of 60-70% CO2 / 30-40% N2 produced by the XactN2 draught beer-grade nitrogen generator. Ales and lagers dispensed from a low-pressure (less than 15 PSI) short-draw system utilize a custom gas blend of 80% CO2 / 20% N2. Nitrogenated beers, such as stouts utilize a gas blend of 25% CO2 / 75% N2 produced by the XactN2 draught beer-grade nitrogen generator. Fountain soft drinks require 100% XactCO2. The XactMix beverage control system automatically blends and dispenses the precise amounts of beverage-grade carbon dioxide and draught-beer-grade nitrogen.

Bottom line – foamy and flat beer from the tap is money down the drain. The XactMix solution will reduce waste, produce the most flavorful and highest quality beer generating more sales and improve keg yield, which means a more profitable draught program in your establishment.

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12.5 in.
11.2 in.
4.7 in.
11 lbs.
15 kegs per hour, per blend
30 kegs per hour total
Flow Indicator
>0.3 SCFH
High Flow
Blender Intake
100 psi - CO2; 100 psi N2
System Output
Up to 125 psi - Fountain
Up to 50 psi - CO2/N2 blend
Gas Blends
Custom blend to match system configuration
25% CO2/75% N2
Fountain Soda
100 % CO2

XactMix FAQs

Do I need power for the XactMix box?

No. Where does the power come from? There are not any electrical components in the blender. The blender uses the pressure from the Nitrogen and the CO2 to open the mixing block in the blender, the mixing block then provides the customizable gas blend downstream to the customers product.

Where will the XactMix box be placed?

The kind of wall preferred would be a wall constructed of metal or wood studs that measure either 16” or 24” on center, solid concrete/block, or solid wood with a minimum of 5/8” thickness such as plywood. The generator must be mounted no higher than 40” from the floor and no lower 18” from the floor, anything higher or lower than these requirements would need to be approved by NuCO2 Safety.

Are the blends customizable? If so, what blends do you offer?

Yes, the blends are customizable based on the unique needs of each draught system. The XactMix 30H is designed for high-pressure draught beer systems in which a 70% CO2 / 30% N2 blend is required for lagers and ales, along with the capability to supply a 25% CO2 / 75% N2 blend for stouts at any pressure. We are currently using an 80/20 blend for low pressure systems.