GM Brunch Café

“We have been a longtime customer of NuCO2, and we use the bulk services along with the CO2 sensors at all of our locations. In the remote instance that we have had issues with, the sensors have let us know that there was a potential problem. We were able to reach out to NuCO2 to quickly fix the issue and resume business as usual. I would say that these detectors are an essential part of our operations, not just from a safety standpoint but from a business standpoint as well.”

-Michael Perez

Growers Guild Farm, LLC

“I have worked with NuCO2 on several grow house projects; their system is great! It’s hands-off and much cleaner, and economical than what I was doing previously with cylinders and burners. I would recommend a NuCO2 system to anybody who wants a hassle-free economical CO2 delivery for growing applications.”


Torres Grow, LLC

“The 750 lb tank set up is perfect, never again will I have to pick up multiple 50 lb tanks to stock and drag them around. The service is always on time and they have our frequency right where it needs to be. It’s pretty clear that the rep in the area has the knowledge for this new industry coming to Michigan. The calculations they run for our preferred 1,000- 1,500 PPM were right on point for our growing operation. Have already referred to my buddies.”


Café Fresco

“We are beyond pleased with our NuCO2 service. The pricing is competitive, but the service is unmatched. We never have to worry about running out of CO2 or monitoring/ordering when we are low. Employee and customer safety is very important to us, so adding the CO2 monitor and shut-off valve recently not only got us compliant but made a safer work environment. We appreciate all you do!”

-Tyler Berrier

Hazel Dell Lanes

“We have used NuCO2 for quite some time, We recently added a nitrogen generator unit, and we love not having to manage the nitrogen cylinders. It’s one less thing we have to worry about ordering or running out of.”

-Allison Williams

CEG Hospitality

“Our store is visited by a great number of techs, drivers, and delivery personnel. It is appreciated when we see techs like Greg from NuCO2 that are professional and focused on safety. He made sure that our equipment was installed safely and was respectful of safety protocols in regards to the pandemic. Thank you!”

-Amy Dubois

Hook & Reel Cajun Seafood

“Perfect Pints, no waste leftover in the keg. We are getting a creamier consistency reducing our pour costs.”

-Janay Hunter

PONKO Chicken

“NuCO2 is honest, dependable, and on time.”

-Warren Smith

Dinosaur BBQ - XactCO2 HP

Classic Lanes - XactCO2 HP