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XactCO2 is liquid bulk carbon dioxide that is certified beverage grade carbon dioxide available to restaurants across the United States. Our carbon dioxide storage tank is on site at your establishment and is routinely auto-filled by NuCO2 service technicians.

Benefits of XactCO2:

Reliable – Never running out of gas means no business interruptions or waste

Economical – Less than 1¢ per serving cost

Easy – NuCO2 installs, fills and maintains the system for you

Great tasting beverages – Designed for perfect carbonation

Hassle - free – Eliminates the need for employees to replace cylinders


Permanent, In-Place, High Pressure Cylinder Fill System

The patented XactCO2 HP (High-Pressure) Cylinder Fill System delivers a perfect pour every time, meaning consistently great tasting draught beer and fountain soft drinks with zero waste. This system offers a safe, reliable, economical and convenient beverage solution for customers' beverage carbonation needs.

Benefits of XactCO2 HP Cylinder Fill System:

Safe – No longer do your employees need to change out heavy cylinders

Reliable – No business interruptions or waste from serving flat beverages

Economical – No longer do you need to recharge CO2 lines

Convenient – Set it and forget it. NuCO2 installs, fills and maintains the system for you

Great tasting beverages – Get perfect carbonation with ONLY the highest quality, Certified Beverage Grade CO2 available

Regulatory compliance - At a maximum 100 lbs of storage capacity, our system is compatible with national fire code standards and most local regulatory codes limiting installation requisite requirements


Advanced CO2 Safety Monitoring System

Proudly distributed by NuCO2, the LogiCO2 Alert system is a cost-effective way to detect and alert your business to potentially dangerous CO2 leaks. The Alert System includes a Central Unit, CO2 Sensor, O2 Sensor, Horn Strobe and Shut-Off Valve. This advanced unit can link up to 12 Sensors. The sensors are pre-set with four alert levels to help ensure a high level of employee safety and compliance with regulations and requirements. This system minimizes CO2 exposure risks for your staff and customers 24/7 and is installed by NuCO2 service technicians.

Additional Benefits of All-In-One LogiCO2 Alert System:

Reliable – Self-diagnostics internally monitor for continued correct functionality with fault display if problem is detected

Convenient – Easily installed, simple to operate and scalable in terms of adding additional sensors when required

Economical – Minimize the possible financial loss of product by detecting leaks quickly

Compliant With All US Regulatory & Safety Codes:

• National Board Inspection Code
• National Fire Protection Association 55 Compressed Gases and Cryogenic Fluids Code
• International Fire Code
• Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

mk9central mk9co2sensor hornstrobe shutoff

300 LBS
550 LBS
750 LBS
20 in.
22 in.
26 in.
Height/Width Legs
49.6 in./
55.6 in.
67 in./
73 in.
67.5 in./
73.5 in.
Empty Weight
216 lbs.
318 lbs.
430 lbs.
Full Weight
515 lbs.
902 lbs.
1,219 lbs.

CO2 Fill Box

6 in.
6 in.
2 in.