The ISBT recommends that ONLY Beverage Grade CO2 should be used to Carbonate Beverages

The only CO2 grade specified by the nation’s top beverage brands is Certified Beverage Grade CO2. NuCO2 provides Beverage Grade liquid Carbon Dioxide compliant with both the International Society of Beverage Technologist (ISBT) Beverage Grade CO2 Quality Guidelines and the Compression Gas Association G-6.2 Quality Verification Levels. NuCO2 distributes only Beverage Grade CO2 because quality is essential to our customers and their patrons.

Why do our customers consistently choose Certified Beverage Grade CO2?

Because when it comes to their patrons’ first experience – a delicious, cold beverage – they are passionate about using the highest quality ingredients that lead to consistent, repeat business.

There are 5 CO2 Quality Verification Levels: Different qualities for different purposes

The Compressed Gas Association (CGA) has defined five different Quality Verification Levels (QVLs) with different specifications for various applications. The QVLs specify the allowable levels for impurities found in the other sources of carbon dioxide.

When it comes to purchasing CO2, there are several quality levels, each for different applications. The quality level served in restaurants is not required by law to be beverage quality; however, QVL I is the only grade intended for consumption. CO2 is a food ingredient and should be given the same consideration as all food ingredients. NuCO2 guarantees that each batch of CO2 delivered to your restaurant meets the rigorous standard of being Certified Beverage Grade QVL I quality.


Differences between Food Grade (QVL H) and Beverage Grade (QVL I)