A must for all long draw systems - will save you time and money!

Foam on Beer Detectors (FOBs), are an essential component to all long draw draught systems to maximize profits and minimize product waste. When the product in the keg is depleted, the FOB detector will automatically shut off gas flow – preventing beer agitation in the lines and eliminating beer waste at the time of keg change.

Saves ~1% of 1/2 barrel keg for every 25 feet of line!

Benefits of XactFOB:

Stops - Gas flow immediately after a keg empties

Keeps - The supply lines full of beer instead of foam at time of keg change

Reduces - Time to change kegs because the supply lines do not need to be cleared of gas and foam to get “clear” beer

Customers - Do not have to wait to have their orders filled



Why use our panels

From installation, delivery, and maintenance, NuCO2 is here to support you when you need us. Our US-based 24/7 dedicated customer support professionals are ready to assist at any time.

# of FOBS
Panel Dimensions W/Equipment
Panel Alone
(total "footprint" excluding gas & beer lines to kegs)
14 in. height x 20 in. length
8.5 in. x 16 in.
14 in. height x 26.5 in. length
8.5 in. x 24 in.
14 in. height x 36 in. length
8.5 in. x 32 in.