Creating Profits for Your Bar, Tavern & Pub

NuCO2 provides bars, taverns & pubs with the Beverage Grade CO2, Draught Beer Grade Nitrogen, and industry-best expertise for restaurants that care about serving their customers the best beer and drinks in town. From the friendly neighborhood pub to the biggest names in on-premise draught sales, NuCO2 has the right solution to optimize beverage profitability. Our customers know they can rely on NuCO2 to help them serve the perfect pint of beer, the tastiest cocktails, and the finest glass of wine from Opening to Last Call every day.

Bigger, More Reliable and Right Where You Need Us

XactCO2 is liquid bulk carbon dioxide that is certified beverage grade carbon dioxide available to restaurants across the United States. Our carbon dioxide storage tank is on site at your establishment and is routinely auto-filled by NuCO2 service technicians.

NuCO2 Bar, Tavern & Pub Benefits:

Reliable – Over 150 depots nationwide

Economical – Less than 1¢ per serving cost

Easy – NuCO2 installs, fills and maintains the system for you

Great tasting beverages – Designed for perfect carbonation

Hassle - free – Eliminates the need for employees to replace cylinders


Using Just One Type of Beverage Gas Does Not Fit All Situations

NuCO2 customizes your beverage carbonation system based on the temperature, pressure, and beer type to determine the gas blend. High-pressure systems (15 PSI or higher) require a precise blend of gases at the proper gas pressure to achieve perfect carbonation at the faucet. Ales and lagers dispensed from a high-pressure, long-draw system utilize a gas blend of 60-70% CO2 / 30-40% N2 produced by the XactN2 draught beer-grade nitrogen generator. Ales and lagers dispensed from a low-pressure (less than 15 PSI) short-draw system utilize a custom gas blend of 80% CO2 / 20% N2. Nitrogenated beers, such as stouts utilize a gas blend of 25% CO2 / 75% N2 produced by the XactN2 draught beer-grade nitrogen generator. Fountain soft drinks require 100% CO2. The XactMix beverage control system automatically blends and dispenses the precise amounts of beverage-grade carbon dioxide and draught-beer-grade nitrogen.

Bottom line – foamy and flat beer from the tap is money down the drain. The XactMix solution will reduce waste, produce the most flavorful and highest quality beer generating more sales and improve keg yield, which means a more profitable draught program in your establishment.

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Deliver the Perfect Pint Without Added Carbonation

Nitrogen generators separate nitrogen from the other air components on-site at your establishment, eliminating the need for nitrogen cylinders. This process results in a gas with a maximum of 0.3% oxygen content that is in contact with the beer and is compliant with standards established by the American Brewers Association. This high purity level is a crucial component to serving the end-user a draught beverage that tastes just as the brewery, vineyard, and roaster intended. NuCO2's XactN2 generators are genuinely best in class – with a peak performance output of 15 SCFH of nitrogen or the ability to dispense almost 24 kgs in a 5-hr period.

Benefits of XactN2 Systems:

Space Saving – Certain models mount directly to any type of wall, requiring no floor space

Convenient – Conveniently makes nitrogen on site

99.7%+Purity – Meets American Brewers Association standards for draught grade nitrogen


Advanced CO2 Safety Monitoring System

Proudly distributed by NuCO2, the LogiCO2 Alert system is a cost-effective way to detect and alert your business to potentially dangerous CO2 leaks. The Alert System includes a Central Unit, CO2 Sensor, O2 Sensor, Horn Strobe and Shut-Off Valve. This advanced unit can link up to 12 Sensors. The sensors are pre-set with four alert levels to help ensure a high level of employee safety and compliance with regulations and requirements. This system minimizes CO2 exposure risks for your staff and customers 24/7 and is quickly and easily installed by NuCO2 service technicians.

Additional Benefits of All-In-One LogiCO2 Alert System:

Reliable – Self-diagnostics internally monitor for continued correct functionality with fault display if problem is detected

Convenient – Easily installed, simple to operate and scalable in terms of adding additional sensors when required

Economical – Minimize the possible financial loss of product by detecting leaks quickly

Compliant With All US Regulatory & Safety Codes:

• National Board Inspection Code
• National Fire Protection Association 55 Compressed Gases and Cryogenic Fluids Code
• International Fire Code
• Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

mk9central mk9co2 hornstrobe shutoff